Software Override

From:         msb@SEI.CMU.EDU (Mark Bell)
Organization: Software Engineering Institute
Date:         16 Feb 96 04:33:22 
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I've been following the Airbus vs. Boeing discussions on this and
other newsgroups.  There have been quite a few posts stating that
the "facts" show that the Airbus viewpoint has contributed to
several accidents.

Since I work at the Software Engineering Institute, and am also a
pilot, I've taken a rather particular interest in this issue.

I'd like to know the sources that show these "facts" (ie, NTSB reports,
FAA reports, foreign agency reports, studies etc. specifying
crash causes that have directly or indirectly been attributed to
the pilot's inability to override the flight software, or the
software placing too much constraint on the pilot).

Note that I'm NOT saying I agree (or disagree) with either side
in this debate. Both side have produced some interesting points.
Rather I'd like to see how much hard source information is out
there to perhaps lead to some work here at the SEI .  This is just
fact finding at this point.

Finally, I'm not limiting this to Airbus aircraft only; I'm interested
in any commercial aircraft accident where the cause was placed on
the software.


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