Re: "Crooked 737s?"

Date:         11 Nov 96 01:52:19 
From:         mattburk <>
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Karl Swartz relayed

>    Delta Express expects to save money in other ways, such as taxiing
>    into gates using only the left engine, so that baggage can be
>    unloaded from the right side and ensure a quick turnaround for the
>    next takeoff.

I think you will find almost all operators shutting down the right engine
in the vicinity of the gate. On the single engine taxi issue of the 737,
USAir does a single engine taxi on the 200 series just fine. But they
stopped single engine taxies on the 300 and 400 for two reasons. One was
increased FOD. The other was a tendency of the engine whose start was
delayed to overtemp on takeoff. The CFM engine is much more sensitive to
the needs of a warm up period than the 200 engine is. But the right
engine is often shut down when approaching the gate if no more power
applications are anticipated.