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Date:         11 Nov 96 01:52:18 
From:         "jon (j.) cox" <>
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Mark A. C. Wilson wrote:
> I would like some information about the probability of a cellular or any
> kind of transmitter being able to mess up the air brake system of a Fokker
> 100. I am a High School student taking flying lessons, and heard about the
> accident down in Brazil last Thursday, October 31st, where this Aircraft
> fell into a residential neighborhood after take off due to a passanger's
> cellular phone. The phone (somehow) opened the air brakes and reversed the
> troutle of the right engine, slaming the aircraft into a residential
> building couple minutes after takeoff. The pilot of the aircraft behind
> claims to have seen the right air brake open couple times during takeoff.
> If anyone could explain to me how this is possible, I would appreciate.
> I am also a Cadet of USAF - Civil Air Patrol (reason why I'm taking flying
> lessons).
> Thanks for your time;
> Mark A. C. Wilson


i'm not trying to send a flame here, but working in the wireless
telecommunications industry, and being a commercial pilot, let's be

this is certainly an interesting slant, but i haven't seen anything
to substantiate this from more conventional sources. remember there
is always butt-loads (aviator's technical term refering to quantity)
of speculation early on in any (especially) aviation accident.

it is always more prudent to wait and see AT LEAST what the CVR/FDR
transcripts show. (a big advantage in a 3 year old air frame) i really
think we will see something a little less controversial...probably
a little more conventional. here is my SPECULATION:

A most unfortunate pilot error, ie. accidental control accuation
during taxi/takeoff phase.

Improper or lack or proper maintenance, inspections, etc. (often found
in central/south american airlines, sometimes so serious that the
carrier is not allowed to fly into US airspace.)

electrical systems flaw/malfunction (causing non-human initiation of
the spoilers/ or thrust reverser bucket


it IS sometimes entertaining to speculate as to the cause, but not
every aviation accident is due to conspiracy or a twilight zone

Jon Cox
Commercial Pilot, ASEL/MEL/IAP
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