Re: Detecting consumer electronics possible ?

Date:         11 Nov 96 01:50:37 
From:         peter neville gurnell <>
Organization: Canada Internet Direct, Inc.
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S> >Would it be theoretically possible to have such equipment on the
> >that would detect the use of passenger electronics which interfere with
> >the navigation equipment ? (Eg: pilot are told that there are emissions
> >which interfere with navigation equipment thus rendering it unreliable).
> Very doubtfull.  There is just to many types of "toys" and to many differences
> between aircraft.  Just because something may be a problem in one aircraft does
> not mean it will cause problems in another.  That is why avionics/equipment
> installed on aircraft are approved on a model by model basis.

The only way I have been able to detect the inappropriate usage of an
electronic device, in this case a cell phone about six years ago, was to
look at the CDI when we were tracking a VOR radial to a station.  The
CDI began deviating wildly and the AP tried to follow it before it
knocked itself off line.  We asked an FA to check the cabin (B-737 non
EFIS) and sure enough there was a passenger who was using his phone.
This occured in straight and level flight near Traverse City MI enroute
YYZ to YWG.  Had it occured during a coupled approach in Cat II weather
I'd be at the very least, pissed off.

cheers, Peter