Re: F-100 crash in Sao Paulo

Date:         11 Nov 96 01:50:36 
From:         speedpuppy <>
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>    From what I know, power requirements for take-offs consider only an
> engine *failure*, which translates to me as thrust = 0, but never this kind
> of situation where an engine might actually be contributing with negative
> thrust. Am I correct?

not would have one engine at full power and one in full
reverse....much worse than simply one failed....

the fk 100 is supposed to have a system on board that when it detects
reverse thust in the air..will take that  engine to idle power....

this same type of incident happen to Eastern Airlines some time ago and
the First Officer shut the engine down which was the only way to save
the aircraft.......( even after idle thrust..)...but it too happened at