Re: Stage 3

Date:         11 Nov 96 01:50:36 
From:         speedpuppy <>
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Vangal Venkatesh wrote:
> I thought that the airlines are placing large orders now to comply with
> the Stage 3 noise requirements by end of 1999. If it looks like Boeing
> can't keep up with production of 737s, maybe the FAA should move the
> requirements to 2002 or something.

not can re engine or hush kit exsisting powerplants
to meet the standards...most airlines are placing orders for lowering
costs and aircraft that need replacing ( high cycles)..  remember 2 crew
 and 3 flight attendants can work a 90 seat aircraft and upto 150 seat
aircraft...thus a 66% gain in seats...with no additional workers ( in
the air)...