Re: Growth in air traffic over the next 10 years?

Date:         10 Nov 96 05:29:13 
From:         Pete Mellor <>
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Thanks to Martyn Thomas <> on Mon Nov  4 10:32:41 1996:

> My memory is a forecast of about double, at most. See the CAA Annual Report
> or phone their press office.

>From a different list, someone else responded:-

> I saw Phil Condit's speech to the 1996 World Aviation Congress meeting
> last week, and the figures he showed looked more like a DOUBLING, not a
> 10-fold increase, by the 2006 time frame.  That works out to roughly a 7%
> increase per year.  And he probably got his data from the same place you did.
> <g>  Anyway, a 10-fold increase in traffic by 2006 would require a constant
> year-to-year growth rate of roughly 26%.  Not likely, even if the expected
> increase in Asian air traffic accelerates.
> But even a doubling of traffic, with no decrease in the accident rate, would
> start closing in on nearly one accident (not necessarily hull loss) per week.
> Not good for public relations.

So it does look like a *doubling* of volume (which *is* born out by the

Any further coments, references, etc., are still welcome. (Thanks, Martyn.
I'll contact the CAA.)

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