Re: Air Brakes?(Fokker-100 crash in Brazil)

Date:         10 Nov 96 05:29:12 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>Concerning the crashed Fokker 100, it was the "flagship", painted as
>I said as "number one" ...

If by "flagship" you mean their first F-100, it was not.  The accident
aircraft was PT-MRK, delivered in August, 1993 as TAM's eleventh F-100.

>I thing there was many reports of incidents realted to accidental
>deployment of the thrust reversers concerning Boeing airplanes

Maybe I've just missed 'em, but I've never heard of any such reports,
other than the Lauda crash itself.

>Due to this crash, FAA already requested an inspection on all American
>fleet of F-100 (it's only American Airlines that have F-100's?).

In the US, American Airlines has the largest F-100 fleet with 75
aircraft.  However, USAir also has a sizable fleet with 50 of them,
and Midway Airlines has 12.  There are also at least four F70s, which
presumably would be covered by any such inspection as well.  Two are
owned by Ford Motor Company (presumably as biz jets) and the other two
belong to a part of the Mesa Air Group and fly in America West Express

Braniff (the third one) had some F100s on order, and Pan Am took over
some of those orders when Braniff folded, but none of these planes
were ever delivered.

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