Re: Peruvian 757 crash

Date:         10 Nov 96 04:52:42 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>>>Is there any more information out there yet?

>>Not reliable info.  Everyone needs to wait for the official accident report.

>	The latest explanation isn't all that esoteric. Wreckage recovered
>from the ocean revealed adhesive tape over inlets for the altimeter and a
>couple of other key instruments.

The NBC report last Monday evening was that "duct tape" had been
placed over the inlets.  Later in the week, the Peruvian equivalent
of the NTSB issued a statement saying that they had recovered the
section of the left side of the aircraft including these instruments
and that the inlets were covered with tape (*not* duct tape, but the
proper type used during cleaning of the aircraft exterior).  That's
a reasonable official statement (unlike the balderdash issued by
various Peruvian authorities hours after the accident), though as
Scott says, the full accident report is the only truly reliable and
authoritative source.  That is probably close to a year away.

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