Re: B-757 Puerto Plata Accident

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Date:         16 Feb 96 04:33:20 
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>"Black Hole" situation present if crew turns back relying on visual cues.

Interesting thought.  For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon, there
were a number of early 727 crashes (at least four) which were ultimately
attributed to this problem.

>Does anyone know if the 757 involved here uses the same
>engine/reverser system that Lauda Air used on that 767 that had it's
>reverser deploy in cruise a few years back?? (Another explanation??)

The Lauda 767 had recent, FADEC-equipped Pratt and Whitney PW4000
engines, while the Birgenair 757 had early (probably non-FADEC)
RB.211-535E4 engines, so there's probably little or no significant

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