Re: Reuters Story On Peru Boeing 757 Crash and DR

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>>I once sat next to a United 767 co-pilot who had worked on United's
>>training program for A320 pilots.  He referred to the A320 as a
>>"career killer" because its pilots are so detached from fundamental
>>flying skills, those skills atrophy.

>And what is this conclusion based on.  Are you saying that since one has a
>sidestick and the other a conventional control column that the pilot skills
>will atrophy?

As was clear from my original comment, *I* was not making any
determination about the effect of the A320 and similar planes on pilot
skills -- I was clearly quoting a senior United pilot.

>Both are EFIS equiped aircraft so saying one is better than the
>other when compared to a 727 doesn't seem to be a reasonable conclusion.

In my estimation (which may or may not accurately reflect the thoughts
of the United pilot who referred to the A320 as a "career killer"),
EFIS isn't particularly relevant.  What's relevant is the protections
built into the A320, which allow pilots to forget about just where the
edges of the envelope are because the plane will prevent them from
moving the stick, er, sidestick, too far, and the lack of feedback,
such as throttles which no longer are at a certain position (either
having moved there by manual action or auto-throttles) during a given
phase of flight.

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