Re: Peruvian 757 crash

From:         Tom Stybr <>
Organization: Boeing - Wichita Division
Date:         08 Nov 96 05:24:23 
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It has been reported that a maintenance crew covered the static ports
with duct tape during a skin polishing task and then neglected to remove
it. The pilot also failed to notice the covered ports during his
walk-around (if he did one).

This explains the pilot not knowing his airspeed or altitude. The static
lines would have had higher than actual static pressure causing
instruments to read lower altitude than actual (his ground prox alarm
was sounding). The airspeed instruments use both static ports and pitot
probes to determine airspeed.

Dense fog contributed to no visual checks of the instrument readings,
the pilot became disoriented, you know the rest.
Thanx for your interest.
If you think I speak for the Boeing company you are, as George Carlin
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