From: (Scott Odle)
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Date:         06 Nov 96 05:12:39 
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In article <airliners.1996.2274@ohare.Chicago.COM>, says...
>The Boeing 737-300/400/500
>( which IS an AIRLINER ! with auto-brake on retraction! )

I suspect you are refering to the brakes to stop the wheel from spinning prior
to its retraction into the wheel well

>I would like info on where to get by e-mail / surfing , the main differences
>in FAA / CAA Rules on parameters used on the 737-3/4/500.

Which particular part of the FARs (FAA)?  Do you mean CAA as in terms of the
CARs which were the precursers tofthe FARs or do refer to the CAA which is a
term that describes the Civil Airwirthiness Authorities in many different