Red Plague

Organization: Sundstrand Corporation
Date:         06 Nov 96 05:12:38 
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I need some specific information about the phenomenon nicknamed "red
plague".  This is where silver plated copper wire in aircraft
applications will corrode to destruction, leaving a spaghetti of
insulation and red residue.  I have two Lockheed aircraft being cited as
examples, the P3 and the C130.

Several questions arise.  What kind of wire insulation was used, and will
different insulation help?  What kind of wire was the silver plated type
replaced with?  (In some High Temp. environments tin plated is not
acceptable, and nickel plated does not solder easily). Is this a "main"
harness problem or widespread in the aircraft. What about electronics
boxes, rack mount and otherwise?  Has this been documented in detail

I have been involved with the design and maintenance of several new and
old aircraft power and elecronics systems for over 10 years and I am
unaware of a concern with silver plated wire until now. If there is some
good info on the subject or someone with history I would appreciate it.