Re: Reuters Story On Peru Boeing 757 Crash and DR

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>bent the cargo door handle flush with the plane. The door was never
>securely closed to begin with, and for whatever reason, this ground
>crewman never wondered about why he couldn't get the handle to close
>the way it should.

The cargo door handle wasn't bent, part of the internal locking
mechanism was bent.  The ground worker never wondered because the
difference in force between locking a properly closed cargo door
and bending the mechanism was almost imperceptible.  This was one
of the key complaints about the design -- there was almost no
feedback that the door was not properly closed and locked.

>McD-D knew about the difficulty with this door design because of an
>earlier loss of such from an American Airlines DC10.

And a similar failure during ground testing three months before the
DC-10's first flight.

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