Re: Reuters Story On Peru Boeing 757 Crash and DR

From: (Paul Nixon)
Organization: Zippo
Date:         06 Nov 96 05:12:37 
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In article <airliners.1996.2269@ohare.Chicago.COM>, says...
>Not too different from another crash initially blamed on the Turkish
>crew by the American press, that of the THY DC-10 back in March '74.
>This crash initially ascribed to pilot error turned out to be faulty
>design of the cargo door latching mechanism. Mc D-D (and the American
>press)  implying the crew being "Turkish" was somehow to blame.

Actually, I think you'll find that there Turkish ground crewman who
bent the cargo door handle flush with the plane. The door was never
securely closed to begin with, and for whatever reason, this ground
crewman never wondered about why he couldn't get the handle to close
the way it should.

McD-D knew about the difficulty with this door design because of an
earlier loss of such from an American Airlines DC10. But that doesn't
change the fact that the ground crewman was the one who was responsible
for making sure the door was properly closed.

Paul Nixon