Lecture on AAS delays

From:         John Harvie/CAM/Lotus <John_Harvie/CAM/Lotus.LOTUS@crd.lotus.com>
Date:         16 Feb 96 04:33:16 
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For Boston-area airliners list members with an interest in the next-generation
air traffic control system (and why it's late), there will be a talk at MIT on
Thursday, February 22, 1996. For directions and location info., call MIT at
(617) 253-1000.

Title:  (Mis)adventures with AAS:  My Experiences

Speaker:  Fred B. Schneider
          Computer Science Department
          Cornell University


Talk at 3:15 PM
(Refreshments at 3:00 pm)
ROOM NE43 - 518


The next generation air-traffic control system, AAS, is overdue and
over budget.  Like the 3 blind men and the elephant, there are
differing opinions about "Why?".  This talk offers one -- that of an
outside consultant to the project who was concerned with fault-

Host : Barbara Liskov