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Today's Wall Street Journal (Wednesday, November 6th) has a report
that Airbus has landed an order from USAir for 120 aircraft, a mix
of A319s and A320s.  In addition, the deal includes options for an
additional 120 to 180 aircraft.  Deliveries are due to start in
1998 at a rate of 30 to 40 planes per year.  Boeing reportedly lost
the order, in part, because 737 production is already being pushed
and Boeing was unable to offer as high a delivery rate as quickly.

(A week or so ago, the WSJ reported that Airbus had been an early
favorite for the expected USAir order but that Boeing had recently
taken the lead.)

The article suggests that USAir will dispose of its DC-9s and MD-80s
along with the Fokker F-28s and F-100s, plus the BAe-146s which are
still owned (but not operated) by USAir.

This order comes only a few months after Airbus scored another coup
against the 737 on Boeing's home turf with United's August 22nd order
for 24 A319s.  (Boeing was offering additional 737-300s -- not the
737-700 as the longer wing could not be accomodated by some of the
gates at the new Denver International Airport.)

On Monday, Airbus also announced an order from Emirates for 16
A330-200s, with options for another seven.  A330 orders have been
scarce for a while, with the 777 winning most competitions.  It's
interesting to note that Emirates was scheduled to have received three
777-200s this year, with four IGW ("B-market") versions due next year
and seven more on option.  (The A330-200s will replace A310s and

Another large A330 may be near, too.  Asiana recently ordered 18
A321s (the first in Southeast Asia?) with deliveries starting in 1998
and going thru 2005.  Asiana reportedly is also negotiating for 20
A330s, with options for another two, with 1999-2005 deliveries.

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