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>I've been lurking, waiting to see any more information on the Peruvian
>757 crash a couple of weeks ago.  All I've seen so far is very sketchy
>and self-contradictory information from the newspaper.

There was a spurt of some of the worst "information" I've seen about a
crash, followed by nothing.

What appears to be factual is that AeroPeru flight 603 left Lima's
Jorge Chavez International Airport at 12:42 am on October 2nd, for
a 3.5 hour flight to Santiago, Chile, and about 28 minutes later it
crashed into the Pacific Ocean roughly 45 nm WNW of the airport.
No survivors have been found from amongst the 61 passengers and 9

The aircraft, N52AW (sn 25489, ln 505) was one of two Boeing 757-23A
aircraft in AeroPeru's fleet, both equipped with PW2037 engines and
leased from Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.  It was delivered to
AWAS on December 2, 1992 and immediately stored at Marana, Arizona.
It finally entered service a year later on lease to Aeromextour, and
was then leased to AeroPeru via Aeromonterrey.

Flight 603 originated in Miami.  The scheduled equipment, AeroPeru's
other 757, suffered a mechanical problem, so a 727 was substitured
for the MIA-LIM segment.  The crew was changed along with the aircraft
at Lima.

Recovery efforts have been hampered by both depth (about 500 ft) of
the water as well as strong currents and cold temperatures.  (TWA 800
crashed into comparatively calm waters only 100-150 ft deep.)

Seemingly within minutes of the crash, various Peruvian officials were
spewing all sorts of rubbish about what happened.  As you say, much of
the information has been self-contradictory.  However, it seems safe
to say that there was some sort of instrument and/or control failure.
One of the pilots reportedly radioed saying, "I don't have any
instruments" and requested a guide plane to lead them back to the

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