Re: Reuters Story On Peru Boeing 757 Crash and DR

From: (Edward Austin MSc)
Organization: Island Net in Victoria, B.C. Canada
Date:         05 Nov 96 04:14:01 
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On 5 Oct 1996 03:33:07 GMT, Rick) wrote:

>In <533vhb$> (Luc
>Bauwens) writes:

>>Again, misleading/sloppy/dishonest job by the press?
>>No matter how hard a bunch of prejudiced Germans tried to
>>ascribe the responsibility to the Turkish crew, I thought
>>it had been generally recognized that the key factor in the
>>accident was the conflicting reactions of two computers or
>>software to a plugged pitot tube?
>>One of them producing an (incorrect) overspeed warning while the
>>other, a stall warning.  Faced with 50/50 odds, the pilots picked
>>the wrong bet...

Not too different from another crash initially blamed on the Turkish
crew by the American press, that of the THY DC-10 back in March '74.
This crash initially ascribed to pilot error turned out to be faulty
design of the cargo door latching mechanism. Mc D-D (and the American
press)  implying the crew being "Turkish" was somehow to blame.