Re: End of airliner evolution?

From: (Keith Howie)
Organization: AccessOne
Date:         05 Nov 96 04:14:00 
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  or MIME structure (David Lesher) wrote:

>A decade ago, I worked on a project with the {ground} fuel systems
>guru for UAL. (I'll not name him, but he was noted for bow ties...)

>He insisted that we'd have one more complete generation of
>oil-burners, then we'd start to see hydrogen powered aircraft. That
>would solve the NOx problem, at least.....

I'm by no means an expert on this subject, but I recall reading
several years ago that NOx would be one of the major problems
associated with hydrogen-burning aircraft engines. The reasoning was
that the very high temperatures such engines would operate at would
cause atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen to combine chemically. Has this
perhaps turned out not to be a problem or has technology bailed us out