Detecting consumer electronics possible ?

From:         Jean-Francois Mezei <>
Organization: Vaxination Informatique
Date:         05 Nov 96 04:13:59 
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There has been much talk lately about the impact of adult toys (laptops,
GPS, walkmans etc) on on-board navigation equipment.

Obviously, airlines introducing fancy on board entertainment and
electronics have a way to ensure that these do not interfere with
the navigation equipment. Is  it fair to assume that equipment is
available to detect/measure the emi emissions from a "thing" ?

Would it be theoretically possible to have such equipment on the plane
that would detect the use of passenger electronics which interfere with
the navigation equipment ? (Eg: pilot are told that there are emissions
which interfere with navigation equipment thus rendering it unreliable).

Seems to me that stopping the electronic toy tidal wave is pretty
impossible. I am just wondering if airliners could be retrofitted to
detect if an unfriendly toy is being used.