757-300 & future 737's to share new cabin design

From:         John Harvie <John_Harvie@firefly.net>
Date:         05 Nov 96 04:13:59 
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Newswire reports last week said that the 757-300 and future versions of
the 737 will share updated "777-style" cabin features such as longer
overhead bins, indirect lighting, and ceiling panels easier to maintain
and clean. The new overhead bins can be ordered with an optional handrail
built-in to aid passengers and crew moving about the cabin.

Other changes announced for the 757-300 include vacuum toilets and flexible
seating options. The flexible seating arrangements will allow quick changes
to placement of cabin dividers, seat pitch and number of seats abreast
depending on number of passengers booked per class of service.

Many of the features of the new 757-300 cabin will be carried over to
future variants of the 737 because customers told Boeing it "needed a more
open, contemporary look." Customers will also benefit from parts and
maintenance commonality between these aircraft types (which in my opinion
will help better compete with Airbus on this selling point).

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