Re: AA MD-11 tail tip

From:         "Curtis R. Anderson" <>
Organization: Gleepy's Henhouse
Date:         16 Feb 96 04:33:16 
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Jerome Dawson wrote:
> No info from me, but a request...
> If you have any photos of this incident or if you know of a photo of the
> FedEx tail-tip with one of their DC-10s a few years back, please post
> the photo or contact me by e-mail as I would like to make use of the
> photos for some training materials being developed.

Check the book _Jetliners: The World's Great Jetliners, 1950s To Today_ by
Clinton H. Groves from Motorbooks International, ISBN 0-87938-821-8 on pages
70-71 for the picture.

On page 7 of the book are instructions on how one can order copies of the
slides used in the book. The address given is

Airliners America/ATP
3014 Abelia Court #33
San Jose, CA 95121-2401
+1 408 629-2121
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