Re: A3XX vs B747-600 (was: Airbus lawsuit coming?)

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>There may be more A320's built than Comets, but the A320 may still have
>a worse accident record, which at one time was the worst since the
>beginning of the jet age.

I suspect hull losses per flight or flight hour would be one metric by
which the A320 might have held the worst accident record.  However, I
would view that by itself as merely being evidence that you can prove
anything you like with statistics.

I say this because the first A320 loss (Habsheim, on June 26, 1988)
came barely two months after the first revenue service (Air France,
Paris to Dusseldorf, on April 18, 1988).  I can't think of any other
jetliner that has suffered a loss so soon after entry into service.

However, that sort of analysis might lead one to conclude that the
L-1011 is a deathtrap compared to the DC-10, a conclusion which is
not supported by a more comprehensive analysis.  Here are the "firsts"
for these two planes:

      service:     Apr 26, 1972 (Eastern, New York to Miami)
      fatality:    Dec 12, 1972 (Eastern 401, near Miami, 101 killed)
      hull loss:   (same)

      service:     Aug  5, 1971 (American, Los Angeles to Chicago)
      fatality:    Nov  3, 1973 (unknown, near Albuquerque, 1 killed)
      hull loss:   Dec 17, 1973 (Iberia, Boston, hit approach lights)
      fatal crash: Mar  3, 1974 (THY, near Paris, 346 killed)

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