Re: A3XX vs B747-600 (was: Airbus lawsuit coming?)

From: (RD Rick)
Organization: Netcom
Date:         05 Nov 96 04:13:58 
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In <airliners.1996.2223@ohare.Chicago.COM> "McElravy" <>

>Douglas seems to be slow on the web thing, but all its airplanes are
>ugly>anyway. My bet is that Airbus will release a new web site version
>promptly to compete with Boeing's. Airbus can't be content for Boeing
>to dominate anything, which is likely why there are more A320s around
>than Comets.

The MD-11 is a fine looking bird, IMO.  I always preferred the DC-10
over most others, but beside an MD-11 it looks too short.
There is none uglier than the 747 humpback whale, and the A320 looks
like a shortened version of a good design.  The A319 must look really

There may be more A320's built than Comets, but the A320 may still have
a worse accident record, which at one time was the worst since the
beginning of the jet age.