Ansett NZ 1995 DH8 crash

From:         Peter Dowden <>
Organization: University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ
Date:         03 Nov 96 19:57:02 
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The Court case is underway for the NZ Police to obtain a search warrant
to seize the CVR from the Transport Accident Investigation Commission
[TAIC]. This is opposed by almost everyone: the Pilots' union, Ansett NZ,
The Police say they need the CVR to conduct their manslaughter
[British expression, =culpable homicide] enquiry, but NZ law can prevent
the use of search warrants in "fishing expeditions" ie looking for
evidence without suspicion that a crime has occurred.

CVRs are not compulsory in New Zealand. The Airlines and pilots are
threatening to stop using them. International custom has prevented their
use in cvourt up to now, to encourage thorough investigations of crashes
for the overall benefit of safety. I'll keep you all posted  as the case