Re: Any good biography of Geoffrey de Havilland

From:         Kees de Lezenne Coulande <100121.1153@CompuServe.COM>
Date:         03 Nov 96 19:57:02 
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Gerry McMahon <> wrote:
>Anyone know of a good biography of Geoffrey de Havilland ?
>I'm also interested in any good history of the DH company.  Info on
>biography or any publications of DH test pilot John Cunningham also

     Sir Geoffrey's autobiography is called "Sky Fever". The copy I have was
published in 1979 by Airlife in the U.K. (ISBN 0-906393-02-7), but I suspect
that this may be a reprint of an earlier edition.
     The history of the De Havilland company is covered in "DH A History of de
Havilland", by C.Martin Sharp. My copy was published in 1982 by Airlife (ISBN
0-906393-20-5), but this is a second and extended edition of a work first
published in 1960 by Faber and Faber.
     A good book is also "De Havilland Aircraft since 1909", by A.J.Jackson,
published in 1978 (second edition) by Putnam, London (ISBN 0-370-30022-X). This
covers all aircraft types developed by de Havilland, with a short introduction
(20 pages or so) on the company history.
     I cannot find anything on John Cunningham. But I do have a book on one of
the other DH test pilots: "John Derry. The story of Britain's first supersonic
pilot", by Annie Bullen and Brian Rivas, published in 1982 by William Kimber,
London (ISBN 0-7183-0099-8).
                             Kees de Lezenne Coulander

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