Re: Photo of Pan Am 747 W/5 engines

From: (Michael Drews)
Organization: Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp., Salt Lake City, UT
Date:         03 Nov 96 19:57:00 
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In article <airliners.1996.2210@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "McElravy" <> writes:
> How much extra does it cost to haul a spare around? Are airlines allowed to
> do during normal commercial flights? If so, how often does it really
> happen?

I rode on a United 747 carrying an extra engine around Decmber 20, 1981 on
a flight from SFO to EWR with a stop at ORD.  They had to take some extra
time to inspect the flaps at Chicago, but other than the usual holiday and
weather delays it was a normal flight.  There was some kind of fairing
just in front of the first stage fan, which covered about 1/2 the diameter
of the turbofan.  As others have mentioned, the engine was mounted on the
left hand side of the plane between the inboard engine and the fuselage.

Based on the time of year I would assume that the plane was carrying a full
passenger load.

			Michael Drews
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