Re: Photo of Pan Am 747 W/5 engines

From:         Malcolm Weir <>
Organization: Adaptive Information Systems -- A Hitachi Company
Date:         03 Nov 96 19:57:00 
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McElravy wrote:
> I don't expect to see any 777s carrying a spare anytime in the future. :-)
> This does bring up an interesting point, though. In one of my books on the
> 777 (the one by Guy Norris and Mark Wagner, I think, but it could be in
> 21st Century Jet's limited photo section) there is a picture of a 777
> engine (I can't remember which brand: I can't find either book) being
> loaded into a monster Antanov for transport. This makes me think that
> transporting the monster engines for this airliner is rather difficult (big
> around as a 737: doubters may look in the Guy Norris book; there is a
> picture of a British Airways 737 (the River Eire, I believe) next to a GE90
> equipped 777. Wow.)

Various engine vendors have trumpeted the transportation issues
surrounding 777 engines.  Unless I've got P&W mixed up with R-R, only
the PW4084/4090 engine can be shipped "intact" inside a B747 freighter.
The R-R needs some of its extremities removed (I *think*), while the
GE90 needs to be shipped as a separate core and fan.

A Reliable Source has suggested that the principal means of moving these
things around is the C-130, or the An-124 according to availability...