Air Brakes???

From:         "Mark A. C. Wilson" <>
Organization: University of Colorado at Boulder
Date:         03 Nov 96 19:56:59 
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I would like some information about the probability of a cellular or any
kind of transmitter being able to mess up the air brake system of a Fokker
100. I am a High School student taking flying lessons, and heard about the
accident down in Brazil last Thursday, October 31st, where this Aircraft
fell into a residential neighborhood after take off due to a passanger's
cellular phone. The phone (somehow) opened the air brakes and reversed the
troutle of the right engine, slaming the aircraft into a residential
building couple minutes after takeoff. The pilot of the aircraft behind
claims to have seen the right air brake open couple times during takeoff.
If anyone could explain to me how this is possible, I would appreciate.

I am also a Cadet of USAF - Civil Air Patrol (reason why I'm taking flying

Thanks for your time;

Mark A. C. Wilson