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>I have heard of at least one case where a heavyweight 747 cargo bird
>lost one engine on a wing due to an uncontained failure on takeoff which in
>turn took out the other engine on that wing...which in turn took the whole
>plane into the water due to uncontrollable roll.

That sounds like China Air 538, a 747-2R7F (reg B-198) which went down
shortly after takeoff from Taipei on December 29, 1991, killing all
five crewmembers.

A similar failure caused the October 4, 1992 crash of an El Al 747-258F
(reg 4X-AXG) in Amsterdam, killing 54 people including everyone aboard
the aircraft and numerous people in the apartment building the place
crashed into.

>I am sure that lighter loads can probably be handled better on the 747.

Reports at the time suggested the El Al plane was not operating at a
particularly high weight.

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