From:         Reid Fairburn <>
Date:         03 Nov 96 19:56:58 
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>>I was told by a 747 captain that he could continue a takeoff on two
>>engines. But even if this is untrue, if an ETOPS plane loses two engines
>>on takeoff, it's in MUCH DEEPER trouble, wouldn't you say?
>Does anyone know if there has ever been a case of multiple, simultaneous,
>unrelated, turbine engine failures above V1?  It seems to me that if you
>have two engines die, no matter how many you have, they are all likely to go.

I have heard of at least one case where a heavyweight 747 cargo bird
lost one engine on a wing due to an uncontained failure on takeoff which in
turn took out the other engine on that wing...which in turn took the whole
plane into the water due to uncontrollable roll.

I am sure that lighter loads can probably be handled better on the 747.

Reid Fairburn
Creative Kingdom, Inc.