From:         John Stone <>
Organization: Dept Civil Engineering, Univ Bristol
Date:         03 Nov 96 19:56:56 
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Karl Swartz wrote:

> It was an Eastern L-1011, flying from Miami to San Juan.  I don't have
> the date but I thought it was in the 1970s.  (Details appreciated if
> anyone can supply them.)

5 May 1983, N334EA, Eastern Airlines flight 855, Miami - Nassau

> The single point of failure in this incident was the mechanic -- one
> individual improperly serviced all three engines.

Magnetic probe chip detectors replaced. New ones came from stores labelled
'serviceable parts' and were (wrongly) assumed to have 'O'-ring seals
fitted.  Short (approx 10 sec) engine test did not show any leaks, but
rapid leakage once in service. No oil = no fuel pumps = no engines.

[Ref: Stewart, S. (1989). 'Emergency - crisis on the flight deck'.
Publishing Ltd. ISBN 1 85310 348 9]

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