Re: Photo of Pan Am 747 W/5 engines

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Date:         28 Oct 96 03:06:33 
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>Are airlines allowed to do during normal commercial flights?

The one time I've seen an aircraft carrying a spare as a United
747-122.  I first noticed it at a gate at SFO, and shortly there-
after a tug pushed it back, then towed it to what was then the
United Service Center where the spare was quickly surrounded by
scaffolding and workers.  While I didn't actually see it arrive
at the gate and disgorge a load of passengers, I don't know why
it would have been there otherwise.

>a 777 engine (I can't remember which brand: I can't find either
>book) being loaded into a monster Antanov for transport.

I believe Pratt has shipped the PW4000 versions for the 777 on An-124
freighters, though I don't know if that's standard practice or not.
(Smaller PW4000s aren't a problem for more convetional freighters.)

>This makes me think that transporting the monster engines for this
>airliner is rather difficult

The GE90 is designed to ship in two pieces -- fan and core -- for
exactly this reason.  The fan is still an awfully big piece.

(Lest some of our more sensitive Europeans feel slighted, I haven't
mentioned the Trent simply because I have no idea how it is shipped.)

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