Re: ATR-72's and Airbuses

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Date:         28 Oct 96 03:06:33 
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In article <airliners.1996.2176@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Robert
Dorsett) writes:

>IMHO, the troubling thing about the book has nothing to do with the ATR-72.
>It has to do *with* ATR, the consortium.  Frederick makes some disturbing
>allegations as to ATR's reluctance to fix the problem, denying that a
>problem existed (even after a crash in Italy), <snip>

This is true.  I flew for a regional airline that flew ATR's (though I
flew the Brasilia).  It was common knowledge that the ATR had a problem of
forming ice behind the boots., well before the Eagle accident.  ATR added
vortex generators to the upper wing surface forward of the ailerons.  This
does not eliminate the source of the problem.  The ATR is the only
airplane that I am aware of that has different (higher) published approach
speeds for icing conditions.  If that's not an admission of a problem, I
don't know what is.

>Frederick does not believe the lengthening of the boots is adequate.  He
>makes some specific technical points.

Could you make these technical points to us, if not too lengthy?

>Jean-Francois Bosc <> writes:
>>Once again probably some totally independant and unbiased point of view.
>>If I had to choose in which type of aircraft not to set foot, I would
>>probably be more worried by the amazing number of Boeing crashes during
>>the last few years, which were generally caused by technical failures,
>>or remain unexplained ...

AMAZING number of Boeing crashes?  Please cite an amazing number of
examples.  Two (2) whole unexplained crashed of the 737, the most
ubiquitous commercial aircraft in the world...a much better record than
ATR.  (Changes have been made to the 737 in response.)  What other Boeing
crashed were caused by technical failures?  A crew flies a perfectly good
757 into a mountain?  Another crew takes a perfectly flyable 757 into the
water 'cause one of three pitot tubes was clogged?  Can Boeing be blamed
for these?  Way to early to be making conclusions from the AeroPeru or TWA

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