Re: 747s In The Movies

From: (Kim Hackett)
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Date:         21 Oct 96 13:31:42 
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>It looks like Kalitta/American International Airways has a 747 (N703CK)
>painted up as a replica of the VC-25A used as Air Force One.  This plane
>arrived late this afternoon (Wednesday).
>But I'm very impressed by the paint job on N703CK.  It looks like the
>real thing (even down to the 28000 tail number).  I'm guessing that the
>plane is involved in another movie or TV shoot.  What's a ballpark
>figure for the cost of painting a 747?

Airliners magazine recently had a photo of a Concorde painted up in a
new Pepsi paint scheme for a 10 day promotional tour in Europe.  The
article said that the paint job cost $300,000.