Re: 747s In The Movies

From: (John Witherspoon)
Organization: The American University
Date:         21 Oct 96 13:31:42 
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In article <airliners.1996.2120@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Eric Chevalier) writes:

>Some interesting activities involving 747s seem to be going on at LAX
>right now.
>First, for the last two days a Tower Air 747 has been participating in
>the filming of a movie or TV show.

(snip)   Also,

>It looks like Kalitta/American International Airways has a 747 (N703CK)
>painted up as a replica of the VC-25A used as Air Force One.

These planes are involved in the shooting of a new Harrison Ford movie
called "Air Force One" (or "AFO").  The plot involves the hijacking of
Air Force One with the President aboard and the subsequent rescue
operation.  This I know from talking to the film crew; they were here
in Cleveland shooting the opening para-trooper sequence several weeks
ago at Severance Hall, where the Cleveland Orchestra plays -- it was
thought to look a lot like an Eastern European palace.  The movie
is slated for release next summer.

And according to the crew, no, it is definitely NOT cheap to rent
a 747, even to taxi it around, or to do a full paint job on one.
I am sure someone will provide the exact figure...