Re: looking for VC-10 military designator

From: (Ralph Lorenz)
Organization: The University of Arizona
Date:         21 Oct 96 13:31:41 
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Markus Buttinger ( wrote:

: Is anyone able to tell me the military designator for the
: VC-10 aircraft (I guess it's a Vickers) that is still in use
: by the Royal Air Force?

I think they're just called 'VC-10's

: I saw one if those (callsign: ZD 230) in Iraklion/Crete Island
: on Tuesday. It's a totally brown a/c with a big white 'K' in
: the tail. - Anyone out there with info on what this could be -
: (tanker/mines searcher, etc.)?

They may well be used as tankers, I think, but more likely as a
simple transport aircraft for the UK government.

A few years ago I got a ride in one (RAF Brize Norton to
Washington Dulles) - a lot like a regular airline flight, bar
the considerably enhanced airport security at the UK end,
lack of in-flight movie, backwards-facing seats, uninspiring
catering, cargo pallets with netting in the back of the cabin
and an all-male passenger load, many with short haircuts.

At check in, I almost got the impression the empire was still
going strong - RAF appeared to do regular transport flights
to Hong Kong, Dulles, Belize, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Falklands, etc

Ralph Lorenz
Lunar and Planetary Lab
University of Arizona