re: looking for VC-10 military designator

Date:         21 Oct 96 13:31:41 
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Markus Buttinger <> wrote:-

>Is anyone able to tell me the military designator for the
>VC-10 aircraft (I guess it's a Vickers) that is still in use
>by the Royal Air Force?
>The civil use of this aircraft has been disontiniued I guess
>about 20 years ago and the RAF - to my knowledge - are the only
>ones that still fly this plane.
>I saw one if those (callsign: ZD 230) in Iraklion/Crete Island
>on Tuesday. It's a totally brown a/c with a big white 'K' in
>the tail. - Anyone out there with info on what this could be -
>(tanker/mines searcher, etc.)?

AFAIK military VC-10s are still called VC-10s. They were designed by
Vickers (later BAe) and the first ones appeared in about 1962. Various
(4) VC-10s are on display at Air Museums in the UK (Duxford for one).
Most are now with the RAF, some were scrapped, two crashed (Lagos and Addis
Ababa), one was blown up (Dawson Field - PLO). Another was also blown
up by terrorists but I forget where.

In civil service the VC-10 was popular with passengers but the tail engines
made the structure much heavier so it was not as economic as other aircraft.
Fuel burn per hour was the same as a Tristar but of course with less

The RAF originally ordered VC-10s for troop movement and these ones are
white - AFAIK. The brown ones (tan) are the air refueling tankers. These are
converted civilian VC-10s from BA, Gulf Airways and EAAC. They
have a refueling point under the tail and one under each wing. They use
the probe and drogue system - not the flying boom as used by the USAF.
There's a probe on the nose for buddy refueling.

This is a VC-10 web-site:-