Re: looking for VC-10 military designator

From: (Alex Walton)
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Date:         21 Oct 96 13:31:41 
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Markus Buttinger <> wrote:

>I hope this is the right newsgroup to post my question...

As good as anywhere.

>Is anyone able to tell me the military designator for the
>VC-10 aircraft (I guess it's a Vickers) that is still in use
>by the Royal Air Force?

The VC-10 was built by the British Aircraft Corporation, although you
are partly right as this was formed by a merger of Vickers and several
others. Military designator? What do you mean (or am I being dense?)

>The civil use of this aircraft has been disontiniued I guess
>about 20 years ago and the RAF - to my knowledge - are the only
>ones that still fly this plane.

Its about ten years since VC-10s flew commercially.

>I saw one if those (callsign: ZD 230) in Iraklion/Crete Island
>on Tuesday. It's a totally brown a/c with a big white 'K' in
>the tail. - Anyone out there with info on what this could be -
>(tanker/mines searcher, etc.)?

The only VC-10s in RAF service are tankers (K2, K3 & K4) and cargo
aircraft (C1). The big white K on the tail is the aircraft id. 'K'
(serial no ZD230) is a tanker belonging to 101 sqn., RAF Brize Norten.

Alex Walton