Re: looking for VC-10 military designator

From:         "J. Heilig" <>
Organization: Precision Scale Graphics
Date:         21 Oct 96 13:31:40 
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The RAF has several types of VC-10s in service.  The first ones were
called VC-10 C.Mk.1.  This was the basic transport version.  They have
recently been retrofitted with wingtip refueling pods and are now called
C.Mk.1K.  Tankers in RAF service are called VC-10 K.Mk.2, Mk.3 and Mk.4.
The Mk.2 is based on the BOAC Standard VC-10 (short fuselage) and the
Mk.3 and 4 are based on the long fuselage Super VC-10.  The K.3s were
the former East African Airways aircraft, and the K.4s were BOAC Supers.
The aircraft you saw was a K.Mk.4, formerly BOAC's G-ASGA.  It first
flew on 7 May 1964, and was converted to a VC-10 K.Mk.4 tanker in 1991.

If you need any more info, let me know.   I love VC-10s :)

Jennings Heilig