From: (C. Marin Faure)
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Date:         21 Oct 96 02:51:38 
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> Scott Odle wrote:
> > There are some
> > very skeptical (and in some cases ignorant) people in some of the aviation
> > related newsgroups.  As I recall Boeing had to go through alot of testing to
> > prove reliability and maintainability in order to get the approval.
> I have never had problems or fears about twin engine flights over ocean.
> I recall my first flight to AKL from HNL in a 767, well before I learned
> about ETOPS, and never even thought about a twin jet being "more
> dangerous" than one with more engines. Perhaps my age/background
> resulted in my not knowing about
> some of the dangers.
> Question: Have there been historical grounds for fearing twin engined
> planes over the ocean ? (eg: was there a time when JET engines often
> failed during flight ?) Or are these fears purely a result of the fear
> of flying by some ?

The first jet engines were less reliable than the piston engines of the
same era.  They have steadily gotten more reliable until today engine
failure can almost be ruled out as a potential problem, assuming proper
maintenance and operational procedures, of course.

C. Marin Faure
   author, Flying a Floatplane