Re: An unscientific survey (Airbus vs Boeing) [Long]

From: (Donbikes)
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Date:         10 Feb 96 15:12:13 
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>Example: Airbus A320 has to make an emergency go around to avoid collision
>on runway.  THe pilot pushes the throttles to the stops and the computer
>determines the amount of thrust developed (required).  The computer cannot
>see the situation and keeps all parameters within SAFE limits.  This does
>not always result in the desired ooutcome.  Boeing aircraft same scenario.
>Pilot overides computer pushes throttles to he stops. Engine develops 115%
>power. The plane THerefore evades the problem faster and sacrifices the
>engines to save the plane.  Don't get me wrong the engines will work just
>fine at that power setting for a few minutes and will get them home.  That
>is jus one way I think boeing has done beter over Airbus.  Let the pilot
>have the final say.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but your description of what happens on a
Boeing airplane when a pilot pushes the throttle to the "stops" is
incorrect.  Recent Boeing airplanes (since the 757/767) have electronic
engine controllers (EEC) that prevent overboosting the engines.  Unless
the EEC fails, pushing the power lever to the forward stop will provide
the maximum certificated power level for the particular phase of flight.
Overboosting is not an option.