Re: Over wing fuel leak

From:         "David K. Cornutt" <>
Organization: Residential Engineering
Date:         21 Oct 96 02:29:17 
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In article <airliners.1996.2075@ohare.Chicago.COM> alain arnaud, writes:
>Last week I was on a UA757 LAX to BOS. About 90mn in the flight we got
>diverted into Denver due to an over the wing fuel leak. The fuel cap
>seal was defective and fuel was leaking from the tank.

I read somewhere in an article about the 777 that these top-of-wing
gravity fuel fill caps were omitted on that plane, precisely for
this reason.  Apparently, the launch customers requested it,
saying that they never use these anymore anyway.

David K. Cornutt, Residentially Engineered, Huntsville, AL
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