Re: longest flight?

From:         "Dennis L. Murphy" <>
Organization: NeoSoft, Inc.
Date:         12 Oct 96 21:34:31 
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Don Stokes wrote:
> Alan Wong  <> wrote:
> >Similarly for other southern hemisphere trans-continental routes such as
> >Auckland to Buenos Aires and Johannesburg/Cape Town to Rio/Sao Paulo/Buenos
> >Aires. This will have implications for airlines such as Qantas, Air New
> >Zealand and South African Airways when purchasing aircraft eg A340 vs 777X.

> There's very little traffic AKL/SYD to S. America, certainly not enough
> to affect aircraft purchasing decisions; certainly not enough to justify
> purchase of a completely new aircraft type (Air NZ is very much a Boeing
> shop).  There's also too little traffic to justify direct flights; the
> usual approach to serving S. America is by island hopping ...
> In short, if you've got an ETOPS 767, you can serve S. Pacific to S.
> American routes and live with island hopping.  You'd need a 747-400 or
> similar range aircraft to do the route non-stop, and there just isn't the
> traffic to justify it.

I believe that Aerolinas Argentina (the Aregentian Airline) flys
non-stop from Auckland to Buenos Aires several times a week with a
747-200 aircraft.  The flight from Buenos Aires to Auckland stops in
western Argentina before heading out to Auckland.