Re: Service Bulletins for Part 25 Aircraft

From:         "Stuart Law" <>
Organization: Stuart W. Law Co
Date:         12 Oct 96 21:34:30 
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Brian A. Reynolds <> wrote in article
> What <FAR, AC, Order, et. al> regulates the issuance and control
> of Service Bulletins for Part 25 aircraft in Part 121 service?

This may be hard to believe, but maintenance manuals and
especially underlying service bulletins are generally not
regulated by the FAA.  The regulations require the existance of
Continued Airworthiness Instructions and the delivery of
certain data to the operator (who remains responsible for
continued airworthiness).  Changes to FAA approved data
(limitations, cycle life, airworthiness directive requirements
or procedures) must be FAA approved.  Thus a SB included in an
AD gets special consideration.  Also, it is often highly
desirable to assure the operator that the resulting
configuration after incorporating a SB is indeed "FAA
approved", resulting in portions of a SB having FAA Approved

The definitive work is AC 20-114 - MANUFACTURERS' SERVICE
DOCUMENTS.  Related FAR's (from the AC's list) include:  FAR
21.31, 21.93, 21.95, 21.97, 21.99, 21.113, 21.289, 21.463,
43.13(a) and (b), 43.3(a), 43.7, 43.17, 65.95, 91.163(b),
121.379, 127.140, 135.437, and 145.51.

Stuart Law