Re: Undercarriage retraction on the ground

From:         Pete Finlay <>
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Date:         12 Oct 96 21:34:30 
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In article <airliners.1996.2050@ohare.Chicago.COM>, 0 Falke_Charlie
phone dist <> writes
>>At flight test, they put locking pins in the retraction mechanism after
>>landing and before towing.
>   To follow up a note I sent earlier,  I found someone who knew more
>about gear pins, who said that the airlines consistently remove the gear
>pins the first thing after delivery and toss them.  The lock mechanisms are
>overcenter backed by beefy springs, so something drastic must have been
>done wrong.

I work for British Airways and I currently fly Boeing 747 aircraft. When
the aircraft are presented for each flight, there are no undercarriage
pins fitted as routine, apart from the nose gear steering bypass pin.

As far as I am aware, the only time we fit the pins is when guys have to
carry out maintenance in the wheel well area, or on the gear itself.
That would make a lot more sense than throwing them away.

Pete Finlay
Boeing 747 S/E/O
British Airways LGW
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