Re: High tech jets = High risk jets?

Organization: The Boeing Company
Date:         10 Feb 96 15:12:12 
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In article <airliners.1995.2044@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Chua Eng Kiat) writes:
>Airam J Preto <> wrote:
>> (Vince Alfonso) wrote:
>>>The most obvious exceptions to this local rule are SIA, Cathay and
>>>DragonAir.  All use expatriate crews extensivley and as such all enjoy
>>>a high saftey and service standard  ...
>>This is prejudice.
>>Do you really think that the nationality of the crew makes any difference in
>>terms of proficiency and professionalism?
>I fully agree with Airam J Preto.
>What basis is there for expatriate crews to be more professional when
>compared to Asian crews? None.

There was a very interesting article in either Air Transport World or
Airline Business within the last 6-8 months (sorry, I can't be more
specific) that discussed differences in flight crew interactions amongst
different cultures.  One point in the article was that cultural differences
between east and west make quite a difference in whether or not a first
officer will question an order from the captain.


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