Re: Photo of Pan Am 747 W/5 engines

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>The 747 Is used to ferry spare engines around the world by attaching them
>inboard on the Left Wing between the Normal inboard engine and the
>wing root.

>It's a "funny" sight to see but it's another reason why MR. Boeing
>has soo many 747's flying - Damn Good Aircraft.

While I think the 747 is a great airplane, the ability to ferry a
spare engine is hardly unique to the 747 or even Boeing.  The 707,
DC-8, and DC-10 were all certified for the same capability.  The
L-1011 reportedly was not, but I've seen a picture of an L-1011
carrying a spare, so maybe they certified it later.

There were several threads on this subject back in 1993; go to and search
for "spare and engine" to see them.

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